Coca-Cola, a look into Ad Designs

Coca-Cola – open a Coke, open happiness

This ad for Coca-Cola was searched for through yahoo images, the link for the picture is Which takes you to a post about the differences between the Coca Cola and Pepsi Ads. The article is written by Bogdan Sandu a designer and editor at DesignYourWay.

Coca-Cola – open a Coke, open happiness

Here we see the design principle of proximity. We can see proximity because of how close two lines are, they clearly go together. With having “open happiness” under “open a Coke” it also really emphasizes the comma for a new phrase. This technique has to do with proximity and the alignment of two lines.

Coca-Cola – open a Coke, open happiness

This shows the design principle of alignment. The phrase is left aligned on the right side of the page, perfectly aligned with the Coca Cola bottle. This gives a very clean and organized look. Especially with the other images in, it helps focus us on Coca-Cola and the “open a Coke, open happiness”.

Coca-Cola – open a Coke, open happiness

We have quite a bit of repetition in this add with the beads of sweat on the Coca-Cola bottle, which match the small bubbles shown on the inside of the bottle. You also see the sun rays dancing through the words for both “Coca-Cola” and “open a Coke, open happiness. That helps put a natural spotlight on these words and makes them pop just a tad. There is also repetition shown in the font color through out the whole ad.

Coca-Cola – open a Coke, open happiness

We have a lot of contrast that just really brings this ad together, in my opinion. I love the color scheme with the red and green and how beautifully they compliment each other with their strong difference. I also love the small lady bug which is the same color as the red Coca-Cola bottle, but has wandered a bit into the green white space making the color contrast pop even more. The font type with the text between “Coca-Cola” and the rest of it really helps us to focus in on the main point of the ad. The drink, Coca-Cola. It also brings us back to Coke with the contrast in the text “open a Coke, open happiness,” all of the words in this phrase is lowercase, except for again our main point, the drink “Coke,” which we can see is clearly capitalized, making it once again really pop straight at us.

I really feel like the overall design is astounding, that Coca-Cola did a wonderful job with this. I was mostly had my breath stolen by the contrast in the ad, and how much it helped make the focus of the ad, their signature drink, Coca-Cola. There were so many other examples of repetition and contrast which I felt were very key in circling the whole ad around to Coke and what a wonderful drink it is to have. The bright sunny day with the limbs of a possible couple really bounce back to happiness and help a person feel a sense of joy as they are looking directly at the Coke bottle with those large, curly letters, and that I feel is the main purpose of an ad. To make sure that the product being sold is the focus, and what stays with the viewer.


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